Getting Started

Tutoring Options

Safety Practices

We want our parents to be involved in the process as much as possible. To get started, sign your student up for a homework help (in English or Spanish) or accelerated learning session by making an appointment through our Square site linked under the booking tab. Tutors have short descriptions of themselves and available times in their profiles to help you determine the best fit for your child. We recommend parents join for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the first session to make sure the tutor is a good match.

Homework Help 

Great for kids struggling to understand or complete any homework from school. We cover all levels of math, reading, and Spanish, and many other subjects (just ask!) Our volunteers are all familiar with Canvas and Seesaw and we will look at homework through screen sharing. During a homework help session the tutor may give a short lesson on any subject your child is struggling with and spend the rest of the session working through homework problems. Tutors also always make time to connect with students about life, school, and interests to form bonds with younger students. Homework help can be in English or Spanish.

All of our volunteers go through a screening process to work with Spark Tutoring Collective. After submitting an application stating interest, volunteers complete a video conference interview/orientation. We only allow volunteers enrolled in high school and we record all tutoring sessions for the safety of our students and tutors. These recordings will not be shared on any platform and are for accountability reasons only. They will only be viewed if necessary. By request we can have an observer on the zoom call, which would entail having another tutor in the meeting who would keep their camera and microphone off and listen and observe the session. If you're interested in this please contact us so we can find a time that works for multiple tutors.

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning sessions are great for students who feel like they aren't being challenged in school. It's also a great option for students who wish to follow their interests further and get a deeper understanding of any topic(s) of choice. Accelerated learning sessions are similar to Homework Help sessions but may include a longer lesson and homework to help practice newly learned material.